Lyrics from The Fiery Surf


Blinded by the veil 
Steam rise to the sail 
I set a course for the source 
But the storm was in force 
I can’t sleep can’t sing 
So I sink softly 
I kept cool for the catch 
But my song was no match 
Bear the wait bear the weight 
Won’t you burn anyway 
And I breathe smoke 
Burn on burn on 
It’s treacherous under the surface 
Perilous your secret purpose 
I go to the depths alone 
To sink like a stone like a stone 
Like a stone 
Subtle the sea 
Mighty the beast 
I was only waiting for how you would say the word 
I’m adrift with thoughts of your sweet discord 
You crash against this rock but I am anchored in too deep 
To move the madness and the mass that I keep 
So I breathe smoke 
Burn on burn on 
It’s treacherous under the surface 
Perilous your secret purpose 
I go to the depths alone 
To sink like a stone like a stone 
Like a stone

From a Fiery Surf

He swims like a song in the deep of the sea 
Billows smoke to the bloom of the tide 
Smolders his way to her unmended mind 
Allure of beauty and pride 

He's so gentle so giving but she’ll never be filled 
Yet he'll burn on blowhole flare 
A great dark cloud of compassion booms 
Still waits for a life they can’t share 

From a fiery surf stretched on ambient wings 
His pure melody rings clear through her space 
Her heart glowing red in the dark a ruse 
She’ll harpoon upon every embrace 

One more chance to explain I believe 
Pulsing blaze and heartbeat entwined 
Though I realize that I am too good too good 
Her siren’s call fills my mind 

And what I wish I could say is 

I am no longer here awaiting 
I won’t see your ghost 
You left me inside my head debating 
That’s what hurts the most 
I tried and I tried I cried, won’t fall though 
Rise and release the stone 
So don’t tell me now because I won’t follow 
I’m nobody’s man but my own

Ripple in the Sky

Breaks on through 

With a ripple in the sky 
Emerge shining right 
Like the sun casting hope 
No more smoke to choke 
Can’t help but smile at all that pain 
It’s the end of a beautiful thing 
With intentionality and action 
We will grow we will grow 

I know this to be 
My home complete 
A city overgrown 
With expressions of our own 
We help we sing don’t worry 
You’re here you’re here and you’re family 
In a place where we give our all 
To all and all that’s small 

To all and all that’s small 
To all and all 
All and all 
All and all that’s small



Adapts like water 
Know to flow, see the sea 
Run, weave and wander 
Only so, be to be 

The serenity within chaos 

I get caught up in the flame (but there are) 
Wonders deeper than waves 
Resist, release and see our aim (far) 
Accept this change 

The serenity within chaos 
Don’t worry, don’t worry 

It’s by streams that I remember 
I’m lost, a quiet ember 
Always far from where I am 
Moments drip right through my hands 

But all brooks evolve 
And form great rivers all 
To merge back home again 
Then fly as rainfall 

So while I sound 
I’ll rise and harmonize abound 
Mold to whatever 
Even never 

We share the same goal 
We share the same whole 
If the world stops singing 
Then surely it will fall

Emerge Victorious

We embrace with grace and breathe 
We will see each moment we meet 
As it is not as we want 
Because there's more and we move on 

Like the dew and the waterfall 
And the endless blue it calls 
Us to all and all 
All and all 
All and all that's small


We say bye again, and so it goes 
It’s the fourth time to end, yeah so it goes 
We do we think we talk we, can’t say anything 
So we laugh because we see, we are living and what more do we need 

Just let it go (8x) 

So I’m going to die, of course no regret 
No beginning no end, no cause no effect 
It’s a world we can’t change, don’t that make sense 
No beginning no end, only moments, seen all at the same time 

Just let it go (8x)


Some may say well isn’t it only fantasy 
But to the heart and mind is it not reality 
The truest form of expression following a whim 
And the child who lies within 

Well these stories they form our view of all 
So we share but act like a fool behind a wall 
Well I need something new a muse, yes I, I need what was 
Creating and just because 

Oh no can’t hold it back 
A fire winking through, in the dark; impact 
Beyond follows ending, but who knew or ever saw 
That the words we’re sending, always held it all 

When it’s in place 
it’s outside time and space, a moment to embrace 
I know what I have to do this time 
But I can’t recall that state oh state of mind 

So let me fall asleep 
For in that sleep I would dream