From the recording The Fiery Surf


He swims like a song in the deep of the sea
Billows smoke to the bloom of the tide
Smolders his way to her unmended mind
Allure of beauty and pride

He’s so gentle so giving but she’ll never be filled
Yet he’ll burn on, blowhole flare
A great dark cloud of compassion booms
Still waits for a life they can’t share

From a fiery surf stretched on ambient wings
His pure melody rings clear through her space
Her heart glowing red in the dark a ruse
She’ll harpoon upon every embrace

One more chance to explain I believe
Pulsing blaze and heart beat entwined
Though I realize that I am too good too good
Her siren’s call fills my mind

But what I wish I could say is

I am no longer here awaiting
I won’t see your ghost
You left me inside my head debating
That’s what hurts the most
I tried and I tried I cried, won’t fall though
Rise and release the stone
So don’t tell me now because I won’t follow
I’m nobody’s man but my own