1. Please Believe

Sometimes the world can feel like it's ripping apart. This song was written and recorded at home in 2 days in a moment of heartbreak. The song directly channels a feeling that the world is ripping apart after loss. Shifting between different stages of grief, this work begins with a wounded monologue, transitions to a heart-wrenching plea, then ends in anguish-filled guitar solo that reaches beyond words.

Normally my songs take many many years to complete, but this one simply poured out with very little thought or plan. The performance raw and emotion-driven, with each instrument being done in just 1-3 takes, with much of the writing happing while recording. It was never actually intended to be heard, especially not by whom it's about. Making the song didn't help the feeling of despair at all. I didn't feel any different after finishing it. It didn't fix anything. But it was something to do, and I think it's important to keep doing things when you are sad and hurt. And it's a beautiful thing to document the experience while in that state.

Please Believe was written, recorded, and produced at home by James Utterback. Trumpets performed by Anna Hillburg. Mixing and Mastering by Omar Akrouche

Please do not close the door we can change
Find the soul we exchanged
It’s only fair if I take a turn
Lost and scared now to learn
We can give each what we need
I see now how to proceed
So here we are with my heart in your hands
Please just try and understand

Won’t you choose to believe in me
See the beauty of what we achieved

So why can’t we find
A solution being kind
And I was in denial
Now you’re gone moving on
But where, where’d your love go
I was wrong now I know
So I’m still here
Ready able finally clear

Won’t you please believe
See the beauty of what we achieved